Things To Do When In London

Things To Do When In London

Things To Do When In London


London is one of the first visited tourist locations in the whole world and rightly so. The place is filled with millions of sites that are perfect for tourists who like to stroll around the picture-perfect classic British locales.

When in London you must visit these top places without which the London visit is incomplete. From the red telephone booths to the beautiful picnic locales Birdcage Walk, to the view from the Shard and the London eye, there are countless things you can imagine when you talk about London.

Take a look at these places which are covered generally in two days.



There is hardly anyone who has not heard about the famous fiction novel and film on the fictional character of Harry Potter. The platform wall from where Harry and all of the kids dash through to reach the magical platform is located here in London at the King s Cross station. The most exciting thing is that you can get Hogwarts school s scarfs and wizard s wand along with the trolley to take pictures at the Platform ¾.



If you are in London, plan a visit to the Queen s palace. You can witness many people walking around the palace in the most traditional dresses with hats that match entirely with the vibe of the Queens Palace. The palace is located in Westminster city and serves as the abode to UK s monarch.




Another one of the classic architecture is to see the Great Bell, which is colloquially known as the Big Ben clock. It is an iconic piece of construction. Big Ben is near Buckingham Palace as well.



The surreal Thames river should be visited on your first day of the trip only. During the cruise, you can also get dropped off at another city in case you want to reach Greenwich, where you can find a restored ship, old Royal Naval College buildings, and even the National Maritime Museum. Cruising on the Thames river, you can quickly check out the iconic locales like the London Eye, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, and London Tower as well.



Enjoy a brilliant range of food and dining options at the Camden Market, which is nearby to the British Museum in the northwest. London markets are a fun place to stroll through as you can easily shop and eat at the same time. From authentic breakfast to traditional British lunch, you can enjoy a platter of snacks and meals while you are at Camden market.

5 Great Reasons to Take a Guided Tour of London England

London Attractions London Guided Tour

5 Great  Reasons to Take a Guided Tour of London England

Are you planning a trip to London, England? Once your travel arrangements are set, namely reservations for your hotel and flight, you may shift your focus onto activities and attractions. In London, there is so much for you to do and see. That is why guided tours are often recommended. To help you decided if a guided tour is right for you, five reasons why you should at least consider them are highlighted below.

1 – They Ease the Process of Planning

When it comes to making travel plans, many automatically think of their hotel and airline reservations. With that said, planning for a trip also includes researching places to visit and things to see. With a quick standard internet search online, you will find that you have so many options in London. Regardless of your interests, there are many museums, monuments, and other must visit landmarks. When developing your trip itinerary, you could easily spend hours or even days researching and comparing your options. To simplify that process, book a guided tour of London. On a guided tour, the stops are selected for you.

2 – Stops Are Carefully Selected For You

As previously stated, there are hundreds of noteworthy attractions in London, England. Although each of these attractions and landmarks is worth a visit, some are more so than others. Companies operating a professional tour company do not just take you anywhere in London. They make you to historical landmarks, monuments, intriguing museums, and scenic parks. Many of these locations play a significant role in the history and development of England. This means that you should never miss anything of great importance.

3 – The Knowledge and History You Gain Access To

One of the most significant reasons why you should take a guided tour of London is because of the knowledge and history you gain access to. As previously stated, your tour guide is familiar with London. Not only the landscape but the history behind it. Big Ben, the London Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, and the Westminster Abbey are also beautiful to visit and look at, but their history is intriguing. After all, the history of these establishments made them what they are today. So, do more than look at a famous London attraction, but learn about it. You can do so with a guided tour.

4 – Your Touring Options

What is excellent about guided tours of London is their formats. These tours are available in a wide range of sizes, including group and private tours. Private tours are excellent, but they can be costly. You can opt for a day tour, where you will visit several attractions throughout the day, possibly including Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, and Houses of Parliament. Also, inside many of these buildings, you will find tours available. In-house employees often operate them.

It is also important to note that both traditional and unique tours are available. A traditional guided tour is that of riding on a double-decker bus throughout the city. An adventurous, but the exclusive tour of is that a duck tour. A duck tour involves climbing inside an amphibious vehicle that takes you on a sightseeing journey both on land and in the water!

5 – Safety

Even though London, England, is one of the world’s most popular and safest destinations, safety should always be a concern. This is particularly true for foreign travellers.

As previously stated, when you are on a guided tour, you are paired with a guide who is familiar with the area. He or she not only knows which attractions allow you to get the most out of your trip, but what attractions are the safest for tourists to visit. And, since English is the language of the United Kingdom, language barriers will not be a problem, as it may be with other foreign countries.

The Best Information On The London Eye Tourist Attraction

London Attractions London Eye

Visit The London Eye

Big Brands. Huge Choice. Massive Savings!

Fun yet unique attraction for your next visit to London? Do you want to do more than walk through historical landmarks? If so, look no further than the London Eye.

The London Eye also referred to as the Millennium Wheel, is a big tourist attraction. It is the largest big wheel in Europe. It measures 443 feet high. Although defined as a big wheel, it is essential not to confuse this attraction with what you may see at a local fair. It is so much more. You may have seen nothing like it before.

The London Eye is made up of 32 capsules. All capsules are seated and air-conditioned; however, visitors have the option of moving around. You are encouraged to if you want to snap photographs and see the many nearby London landmarks.

Due to its size, a ride around the wheel takes approximately 30 minutes. Although long by many standards, it allows you to see London like you never have before. Also, remember your ability to move around.

The history of the London Eye begins with Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1999. Later opened in 2000, this attraction is one of the areas most popular sights. More than three million people make the journey each year!

Just one reason why this is considered a must-visit attraction is due to the architecture. It will leave you amazed. Unlike many other big attraction, which relies on the use of many rods and beams, the London Eye is different. The wheel resembles a bicycle wheel more than it does a traditional wheel attraction.

Another reason why this attraction is top rated is due to the views of London. As previously stated, rides take 30 minutes, and you are free to move around your capsule. This gives you the ultimate view of London. It has been said, you can see up to twenty-five miles away.

In addition to the views from the London Eye, it is a work of art. In 2006, the lighting was updated to include LED lights. The London Eye is a beautiful sight to see during the day, but a must-see at dusk. If you are in London for New Year’s Eve, a visit to the Eye is recommended, as you will see a fantastic display of fireworks.

Many tourists loved the experience. Although many thought the admission prices were a little on the high side, some went back later in their trip for a second ride! For the ultimate experience at night and during the day.

While visiting the London Eye, you are encouraged to take a London Eye River Cruise. The cruises, which last 40 minutes, are designed for individuals of all ages. Children under five are free. Whether you take a cruise before or after a ride on the wheel, you will enjoy the comparison between the two. Viewing London from both the ground and the air is the perfect combination.

Admission fees and opening times, for both the Eye and the nearby River Cruises, do vary depending on the season, so verify this information before your trip.

London Tourist Attraction – Trafalgar Square

London Attractions Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar UK Homepage Link

Are you planning a trip to London, England? If so, you may be curious as to which attractions are worth visiting. The London tourism office would encourage visiting the famous sight of London, Trafalgar Square. Get yourself a London tourism package to include Trafalgar Square. This sightseeing attraction located in Northumberland Road, in the heart of London city. Its convenient location and large column make it difficult to miss.

The history of Trafalgar Square begins in the 14th century. From this time until the 17th century, the area was used as a courtyard for the Great Mews. Not long after, the Great Mews was no longer in use. It was then that concepts began flowing for a new use of the space. Trafalgar Square, developed by John Nash, a well-known London architect, believed space would be best used as an area open to the public. He dreamed of an area were culture and history can be shared.

The name Trafalgar Square was officially given to space in 1830. Inside the Trafalgar Square, you will find Nelson’s Column. This 18-foot statue, atop a tall column, honours Admiral Nelson. He was the victorious admiral during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. The statue, which is five meters high, is positioned on a base made from old, antique guns.
Also inside of the Trafalgar Square, you will find four stands for statues.

One of those stands, located on the northwest edge, is used for a rotating program. On the other positions, you will find permanent displays of the statues of Sir Charles James Napier, George Sir Henry Havelock, and King George IV. Trafalgar Square is also home to the Imperial Measures. This is the collections of measurements and units. The imperial units were detailed in the British Weights and Measures Act.

If you are a tourist from outside of the country, you may enjoy familiarising yourself with this system of measurement. Trafalgar Square is most well-known for its festive events, many of which occur on an annual basis. The most famous event is the Trafalgar Square Festival, which occurs throughout most of August. In December, it is some to the Christmas tree ceremony. The Russian Winter Festival is celebrated in January.

Other events include St. George’s Day, Liberty, and Diwali. Regardless of which month to travel to London, you should find something exciting happening in the square.
Due to its ample open space, the Trafalgar Square is often home to rallies and protests. As a tourist, do not let this deter you from visiting this historical piece of land. Rallies and protests do occur, but they are rare and peaceful. They are only common on dates that play significant roles in politics and religion.

As for what visitors have to say about Trafalgar Square, many rate it a top London attraction and a must-visit. Many love the open space, the vibrant energy, as well as the nearby shops and arcade for kids.

Whether you want to learn about the history of Trafalgar Square or spend the afternoon relaxing and letting the busy city of London pass you by, this is the place to be. Individuals of all ages will love an hour, an afternoon, or an entire day at Trafalgar Square. There is no admission fee to enter the square.