Things To Do When In London

Things To Do When In London

Things To Do When In London


London is one of the first visited tourist locations in the whole world and rightly so. The place is filled with millions of sites that are perfect for tourists who like to stroll around the picture-perfect classic British locales.

When in London you must visit these top places without which the London visit is incomplete. From the red telephone booths to the beautiful picnic locales Birdcage Walk, to the view from the Shard and the London eye, there are countless things you can imagine when you talk about London.

Take a look at these places which are covered generally in two days.



There is hardly anyone who has not heard about the famous fiction novel and film on the fictional character of Harry Potter. The platform wall from where Harry and all of the kids dash through to reach the magical platform is located here in London at the King s Cross station. The most exciting thing is that you can get Hogwarts school s scarfs and wizard s wand along with the trolley to take pictures at the Platform ¾.



If you are in London, plan a visit to the Queen s palace. You can witness many people walking around the palace in the most traditional dresses with hats that match entirely with the vibe of the Queens Palace. The palace is located in Westminster city and serves as the abode to UK s monarch.




Another one of the classic architecture is to see the Great Bell, which is colloquially known as the Big Ben clock. It is an iconic piece of construction. Big Ben is near Buckingham Palace as well.



The surreal Thames river should be visited on your first day of the trip only. During the cruise, you can also get dropped off at another city in case you want to reach Greenwich, where you can find a restored ship, old Royal Naval College buildings, and even the National Maritime Museum. Cruising on the Thames river, you can quickly check out the iconic locales like the London Eye, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, and London Tower as well.



Enjoy a brilliant range of food and dining options at the Camden Market, which is nearby to the British Museum in the northwest. London markets are a fun place to stroll through as you can easily shop and eat at the same time. From authentic breakfast to traditional British lunch, you can enjoy a platter of snacks and meals while you are at Camden market.

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